Newton Grove Board of Commissioners


William Christopher Raynor

I am a life long resident of Newton Grove.  I have been married to my wife Brenda for 47 years.  We have one son, Christopher and one daughter, Christen.  We also have one granddaughter, Ally and one grandson, Landon.  Glad to live in a small town like Newton Grove.  Nice Community.  Nice People.  Proud to serve as the Mayor Pro-Tem and Streets Commissioner.


Dana Ellington-Ruiz

Newton Grove has my heart.  No place I'd rather be.  I am the proud mother of 5 children; Colby, Ryker, Aydan, Ellington, and Grayson.  Also the mother-in-law to Ashley Smith Tart and future mother-in-law to Jerrica Tyndall and Aubrey Lee.  I am an eternal optimist and know no stranger.  I strive to be the friendly face that brings our community together as I serve as the Parks and Special Projects Commissioner.   



Teresa Garris Wilson

I am married to William E. Wilson, a retired Mayor of the Town of Newton Grove.  I am the proud mother of 2 sons, Todd and Lee.  Both are firefighters for the Town of Newton Grove.  I also have 9 grandchildren!  I am here to serve the community as a liaison between the people and the town and to assist in making changes that will benefit our citizens. I am very honored to work along side our Police Chief as Police Commissioner to keep our town safe. 


Craig Warren

I am a life long resident of Newton Grove. I have been married to Deborah Warren for 39 years.  We have one daughter, Brittany Weaver and son-in-law Adam Weaver.  We also have one grandchild and one on the way.  Christian.  I have the Town of Newton Grove's best interest in my plans as the Buildings and Grounds and Motor Fleet Commissioner. 


Cody Smith

I am a life long resident of Newton Grove.  I have been married to Natalie Creech since 1992. We have one daughter, Chandler.  I am a Conservative and a Catholic.  I serve all of the people as the Utilities Commissioner. 

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Thank you to David Johnson for the aerial photos!

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